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Satellite Satellite
View cloud images as seen from space by geostationary satellites.
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Radar Radar
View reflectivity and velocity images from NEXRAD doppler radars.
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Surface Surface
See the surface weather conditions reported nearest you.
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Upper-Air Upper-Air
See winds, temperature, and moisture well above the earth's surface.
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Forecast Forecast
Become your own weather forecaster using these guidance tools.
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Help pages Help Pages
Review these pages for help interpreting certain graphics or to see what's new.
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NWS Local Forecast

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  or City, ST:
Local & Colorado

  Current conditions:
  - Regional air quality
  - Boulder Forecast
  - CoCoRaHS snow/rain

Severe & Tropical

  - Storm Prediction Cntr
  - Storm Watches
  - Thunderstorm Outlook
  - Tropical Prediction Cntr
  - Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project
  - CSU hurricane forecasts
  - MESO Tropical Atlantic HQ

  - ADDS-Operational
  - Aviation Weather Cntr

  - Climate Prediction Cntr


  - NCAR solar images
  - NOAA today's space weather
Site News

   03/18/2023  - Switched GOES-W to GOES-18
   02/23/2022  - Data ingest server maintenance
   09/13/2021  - Updated Level II radar processing
   08/26/2021  - Removed deprecated applets
   08/10/2021  - New Satellite microphysics plots

   01/20/2021  - New Level II radar plots
   11/13/2020  - Upper-Air Skew-Ts and RAOBs updated
   11/12/2020  - Satellite imagery updated for GOES-16/17
   08/25/2020  - Site maintenance
Additional Links

  - National Weather Service
  - UCAR members
  - WMO International Sources
  - sci.geo.meteorology FAQ
  - Learn to forecast

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